Kaiserschmarrn – Dictionary of culinary delights to try in Germany

What is it?

Similar to a shredded pancake, often served with apple jam. While the dish originates from Austria, it is also very popular in the South of Germany and is served both as a complete meal and as a dessert.

Irrestible Kaiserschmarrn

Best time to eat Kaiserschmarrn:

Any time of the year. Best when in need of a comforting, friendly treat.

Best region to eat Kaiserschmarrn:

Bavaria, towards the border with Austria.

Typical ingredients:

Wheat flour, eggs, milk, sugar, butter, powdered sugar, salt, often raisins (typically soaked in rum or flavored with rum), sometimes almonds or nuts.

In the picture:

The fluffiest Kaiserschmarrn I ever had, enjoyed at Gasthof Schachtner in Tiefenbach near Oberstdorf after our visit to the Breitachklamm.

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2 thoughts on “Kaiserschmarrn – Dictionary of culinary delights to try in Germany

  1. Leya

    This is really delicious – tasted it for the first time in 1975 as a young girl. On top of a mountain.
    Your blog is very well organized and well written – thank you for the follow of my jumbled Leya!


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