Explore the very South of Germany: Füssen

Füssen is a cute town near the border between Germany and Austria. Despite its small size, there are many good reasons to visit and only one caveat.

Castles. I always wanted to see Neuschwanstein, the perfect example of a fairytale castle. It is very close to Füssen and I was not disappointed.

Excellent hiking. Füssen is right at the northern end of the Alps and the mountains around offer excellent day hikes.

A beautiful city center. The old city is just cute as hell.

Outdoor sports. Within easy driving distance from Füssen, there are mountains to climb and lakes to swim in. In winter, there is skiing and sledding. For an adrenaline kick, there is paragliding and there are high rope courses to tackle. And even on a rainy day, there is nature to admire.

All that sounds quite perfect, so what could possibly be wrong with the place? Well, it is one of the two most touristy places I have seen in Germany. It is still cute and nice. But the restaurants in the old town are so saturated with guests that they do not have to bother about the quality of the food anymore. The good news is however that original, quality food is easy to find in the charming area around the town.

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