(First time) horse riding in Sichuan

The best time to try something new is when you’re traveling. We have never been on a horse before but now that we are in Lángmùsì and horse riding is the thing to do, we have to try our luck too.


We are here to practice being at high altitude. After a short but stunning hike on the day before, we move on to a novel way of exploring the beautiful landscape. We book our tour with Lángmùsì Tibetan Horse Trekking at Black Tent Cafe. The place is very much aimed at western travelers and we eat the possibly worst pizza of our journey here (it is topped with cucumber!). According to LP though it is a very recommendable place.

The trip starts with an introduction in the morning. The horses are rather small but we still have a hard time climbing on their backs. The guide who accompanies us during the day does not speak English but he looks very uniquely Tibetan and manages to communicate with us anyway. Besides, the horses know their way well enough. And they have character. My horse is the boss and always wants to go first. Mr. Colors’ horse is a little slow and always wants to stop for a snack. Even though my horse is quite a gentle animal, when I try to let Mr. Colors and his horse go ahead, it tries to bite me. There is no way it is going to walk behind that other horse.

The Nomad's tent where we have lunch

We stop for lunch in a Nomad’s tent where we are served more delicious soup and rice and vegetables than we can possibly eat. We meet a Chinese couple there who are surprised to meet foreigners in such a far away place. Like most Chinese we meet on our journey, they want to hear all about how great we think China is. Our next break is near a small water stream.

Having another break and amazing view

When we return to our hostel in the evening we are very glad with how we passed the day. The happiness is only shortly disrupted when we sit down on the bed and simultaneously jump up again in pain.

Time of visit: August 2013

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