Introducing “Tech of the Month”

I take pictures all the time. That’s my way to express admiration for whatever is in front of me. And behind me. And around the next corner. Yet, when I sit down to select the best pics for our blog, I am often disappointed that so few photos turned out the way I wanted them to be. Our new monthly feature “Tech of the Month” will change that!

Every month, I will sit down to learn a new photo technique, head out into the world to test it and return to share with you what I learned. Join us to watch me struggle or to improve your own photography skills! The first topic in this monthly feature will be “Focus”.


9 thoughts on “Introducing “Tech of the Month”

  1. Sandi

    I can relate: if almost hurts when I can’t take a photo of something lovely or intriguing. But I’m rarely pleased with my results. This sounds helpful.


  2. luciledegodoy

    Hi Perelincolors,I’m thinking about featuring you and your Tech of the Month in the Photo 101 Rehab. What do you think of this idea? There are many people who could benefit from your experience.
    There isn’t any periodical feature there but as I am going to publish a periodical roundup of photos of all participants, I could also make a monthly guest post with you.
    Just please let me know if this doesn’t make sense at all.


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