Breakfast is bliss

The latest entry in our “Dictionary of culinary delights to try in Germany” is dedicated to the most important meal of the day: Frühstück (breakfast). While our southern European neighbors may limit their breakfast to five minutes, a coffee and croissant, it can – on special occasions – be an hour-long ritual in Germany.

The best of feel-at-home German breakfast are bread rolls, or Brötchen in German. They come with a different name in every region and in even larger variety: they are made from wheat or rye flour or a mixture of the two; garnished with sunflower, poppy or sesame seeds; spiced with cumin or baked onions; .. the options are endless! Go to a bakery on a Sunday morning and watch everyone buy a different selection to accommodate every family member’s preference.

Basket of bread, including croissant and Brötchen.

Basket of bread, including croissant and a Brötchen decorated with baked onions, poppy and sesame seeds.

Brötchen are served with butter and a selection of cheese, cold cuts, jam and honey. The more choice, the better! For the perfect Sunday-morning feeling, add eggs. The classic is a “breakfast egg”, boiled but still soft in the center. Typical breakfast beverages are coffee or tea, hot chocolate for the kids, and orange juice.

On special occasions add Champagne to the breakfast menu.

Breakfast is preferably eaten on a large kitchen table. On special occasions add Champagne to the breakfast menu.

Breakfast is equally enjoyed in every part of the country. Only make sure to keep away from Berlin’s “Schrippen”, a low-cost and low-quality variant of Brötchen without crust.

If you do not have access to a German home on a Sunday morning, you can still enjoy a very typical German breakfast at a café. And the best news is that you do not even have to get up early – breakfast is so popular in Germany that some places serve it until 3 or 5 in the afternoon!

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      1. luciledegodoy

        I worked some years for a French-Dutch IT company and at least once we had champagne for breakfast; if that is an average habit, i doubt. I was working for a CEO that was a bit of a cover of Napoleon! 😉


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