Around the world in Black and White – Beijing, China

This week, we will travel through time and space to revisit five destinations we have already visited, only that this time, we will look at them through black-and-white glasses. Given that the word ‘colors’ makes up half of the name of this blog, you are quite right if you guessed that this was not my idea – I was invited to this challenge by fellow blogger Jill’s Scene. The fourth destination of this journey is Beijing.

The first time I came to Beijing, I staid in a lovely hostel. It was located in a quiet alley in a traditional neighbourhood and had a pleasant courtyard. But most importantly, there also lived a bunch of cats who are the subjects of today’s photo:

Cats in Beijing

The rules of the B/W challenge ask me not only to post a black-and-white image every day on five consecutive days but also to nominate a new participant in each of these posts. It is clear that whoever made these rules trusted us to break them – or the challenge would soon have reached every blogger on this planet. Instead, I would like to invite everyone to this challenge who feels compelled to do it.

We love to see your comments!

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