Around the world in Black and White – Isle of Skye, Scotland

This week, we will travel through time and space to revisit five destinations we have already visited, only that this time, we will look at them through black-and-white glasses. Given that the word ‘colors’ makes up half of the name of this blog, you are quite right if you guessed that this was not my idea – I was invited to this challenge by fellow blogger Jill’s Scene. On the previous stops of this B/W journey, we travelled back to Italy, Nepal, New Zealand and China. On the last day, it is time to return to Europe.

I took this photo during a short hike on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The weather had been changing over and over again on that day. After our first short hike, we were wet to the skin and had to get changed in the car. But when the sun came out, we felt very much encouraged to walk to the Quiraing, even though we didn’t have another set of spare clothes. When we were at the farthest point from our car however, the clouds came back. This is the original picture of those clouds:

Isle of Skye

And this is the B/W version for this challenge:

Isle of SkyeI increased the contrast in the B/W picture quite a bit – the same level of contrast on the color version looks like this:

Isle of SkyeIt certainly is a bit ‘too much’ for me here  – but in B/W images, I do note that I prefer a much higher contrast than on color photos. Do you feel the same?

The rules of the B/W challenge ask me not only to post a black-and-white image every day on five consecutive days but also to nominate a new participant in each of these posts. It is clear that whoever made these rules trusted us to break them – or the challenge would soon have reached every blogger on this planet. Therefore, I would simply like to invite everyone to this challenge who would like to do it. I sure think it was very enjoyable!

7 thoughts on “Around the world in Black and White – Isle of Skye, Scotland

  1. Hilary's Global Café

    A striking photo indeed! I agree with changing contrast in photos (in color – I haven’t done much with b/w).. It’s fun to play and I wait until I go oooo ahhh as an indicator of when the colors pop and I appreciate them but then I sometimes wonder after if the effect is overdone. Of course, the screen can also change what it looks like. I would love to see the b/w version in print!


  2. darwinontherocks

    The picture is gorgeous, even if the colour version is also striking 🙂

    What was your favourite place on isle Sky ? I’ve seen another commenter asking you the same question. It could be an interesting topic to cover in a future blog post 😉


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