Impressions from Jagalchi fish market

Busan, South Korea’s second largest city, is at the Southern end of Korea. Super fast KTX trains make it possible to cover the distance from Seoul in a swift and comfortable three hours ride. As a harbour town complete with seaside hotel blocks, it’s a major draw for Korean travellers. But even if crowded beaches are not for you, there are still enough attractions to keep you busy for a couple of days. One of them is the Jagalchi fish market.

Keeping watch over Busan harbour

Keeping watch over Busan harbour

Since fish is usually sold in the form of frozen white blocks at home, there was a lot to see for us and I’d like to share a few images from the market with you. There were several restaurants and food stalls on the market, offering a range of dishes from freshly cut sashimi to fish soup and grilled fish. I mentioned the market already – it was there where I learned to appreciate fish even if it is served with the heads on the plate. Look here to read about that experience.

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