Beomeosa temple on a rainy day

Beomeosa temple on a rainy day, Korea 2015

When in Busan, don’t leave before you have seen the beautiful Beomeosa temple. While the temple is surely gorgeous in the sunshine, it is magical on rainy days.

Beomeosa temple on a rainy day, Korea 2015
The temple is located halfway up a hill/mountain. Busan’s subway line 1 goes to the foot of the hill and smart people take the bus a few hundred meters from the subway station. The less smart (and I admit it was all my fault) or very motivated walk about one hour uphill. Those in need of exercise will even find some sport equipment along the way.
Cherry blossoms at Beomeosa templeA light rain had scared away most of the other visitors when we arrived at the temple. The clouds were hanging low, reducing the trees and slopes behind the temple to silhouettes.

Beomeosa temple on a rainy day, Korea 2015

Looking downhill at Beomeosa temple

The roofs of the temple have an intricate and colourful design like the monasteries we saw in Tibet. But the combination with Asian landscape painting, with its sober colours and large monochrome areas, was new to me and provided a welcome retrospect justification for yet another temple visit.
Decoration at Beomeosa temple
Published on in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Intricate’.

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