Forces of Nature

For this week’s photo challenge, I am reposting a picture from the South of Germany. The Breitachklamm is an impressive gorge and a prime example for a landscape formed by the forces of nature.

For more pictures from the gorge and information about visiting, visit our old post.

11 thoughts on “Forces of Nature

    1. perelincolors

      Yes, it is. I really like it. The first time I visited was on vacation with my grandparents, more than twenty years ago. I was impressed then, so we just had to visit when we were in the area. To my surprise, it was no less impressive than I remembered.


    1. perelincolors

      Thank you! This was at the far and less deep end of the gorge. Most people do not even walk that far but it was my favorite section because the layering of the rock was more pronounced there.

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