Introducing our first guest blogger!

We are happy to introduce you to Desley Jane of Musings of a frequently flying scientist. She will write about her home country, Australia – a tempting destination that is still missing in our country portfolio.

Like us, Desley loves photography. In fact, she uses the big sister of our little Olympus OMD E-M10, the E-M5. Both cameras are great always-with-me choices, and combined with the right lenses, they are capable to bring out really nice colours. Desley knows how to push this capability, and I love the vibrant colours and deep shades of blue that often characterize her images. She also does a lot of black-and-white, and she does it well, as you can see from this sample of her photos:

Click on the image to visit Desley's photo portfolio

Click on the image to visit Desley’s photo portfolio

Like us, she has a background in science. Her job makes her a frequent flyer, a repeat capturer of clouds from air plane windows and takes her around Australia (and beyond) a lot. You see, she is a perfect fit to tell you about her country, and we hope you will enjoy her upcoming contribution.

12 thoughts on “Introducing our first guest blogger!

  1. Loretta

    What a great guest post selection. I’m sure Desley will not fail. I’ve always enjoyed her creativity and her knowledge of the camera. Will look forward to her post and checking out her contributions and learning more about her country! G’day Desley 🙂


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