Glacier views: Murtèl – Chamanna Coaz – Val Rosegg

During our recent visit to Switzerland, we spent two days near St Moritz.  A long but easy hike took us to all the beauty of the mountains that we had hoped for.

From near St. Moritz we took the cable car to the Murtèl station, the intermediate stop of the Corvatschbahn. The ride to a height of 2700m was so fast that we barely had time to take in the view.
The first section of the trail was not quite as exciting but within 45 minutes, it took us to the Fuorcla Sulej, where we found a restaurant and the first glacier views.

From there on, the trail was mostly flat. Sunday walkers that we are, we stopped often: we admired the view, we examined the flowers, we made a picnic, we searched and found marmots. Knowing about our pace and the late start we’d get after the ride on the Bernina Line from Tirano, we had reservations to spend the night at the Coaz hut. We arrived there in the late afternoon and had just enough time before dinner for a short and not-to-be-missed visit to the glacier behind the hut.
When we returned, the hut was crowded and dinner was served in a warm and cosy common room. Determined to get a good night’s rest and see the sun rise in the mountains, we went to bed early. But in a room for twelve, shared with a (quiet) family of four and ten mountaineers, there was not much sleep to be had. It took ages until the mountaineers stopped walking, and shortly after I finally fell asleep, they got up again. Lesson learned: mountaineers do not make good room mates unless you are a mountaineer too.

The morning greeted us with a bright blue sky and sunshine, and the views were still gorgeous. We slowly made the steep descend to the Rosegg valley. This part of the way was more overgrown than the first leg and we often had to cross small streams on bridges or by stepping from stone to stone. Down in the valley, we finally stood next to the glacial lake we had already seen from above.
By the lake, we still had the valley to ourselves. Walking by the side of a river, we slowly met more and more day trippers. Their clustered around the Rosegg hotel, which is apparently famous for its desserts and can also be reached by horse carriage. The last ~7km from the hotel to Pontresina are nice but in no way as beautiful as the farther end of the valley, the glacier views and the upper trail from the Fuorcla Sulej to the Coaz hut.

More information

To get to start of the hike, take the Corvatsch cable car to the middle station Murtèl. There is a direct bus (~6 CHF, 20 minutes) from St. Moritz train station to the lower station of the cable car.
The trail is very easy to find, just follow the red horizontal on white. A map is here.
If you are in decent shape, you can do the walk within a day if you start early in St. Moritz. To stay at the hut, reserve in advance, especially on weekends.

Time of visit: July 2015

Published on All images taken with an Olympus OMD E-M10 and prime lenses.

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