3 of the best … Buildings in Australia

3 of the best … BUILDINGS … in Australia

I am doing a post every second month for PerelinColors where I showcase 3 of my favourite things here in Australia and hope that you are encouraged to share your favourites on the theme as well. This month, it’s buildings. I love architecture, I love photographing architecture and I love processing photos of architecture. So it seems fitting to do this post. I’ve posted about these buildings before separately, so I’ll link those posts within each section in case you want more information.

First up, is of course, Sydney Opera House. Wow, what an amazing building. Now a disclaimer – I don’t have any close-up shots of the Opera House. I know a lot of you do have them, so if you could share them, we would very much love to see them, especially those sails up close!! #3ofthebest

I do love these long shots though, as they show the beautiful harbour bridge as well.

Now some information for you. The Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre. It was opened in 1973 but they started building it in 1959!!! It was designed by a Danish architect and he didn’t complete the plans in time for the beginning and that was the start of the problems. Since it was not fully designed before construction began, there were some mistakes, including the columns not being strong enough to support the roof structure.

The roof is amazing, composed of a series of shells or sails. These shells were the other reason why the construction took so long. They were very difficult to build. You can read about more of the design and construction issues here.

It is a major Australian landmark, it has been destroyed in numerous movies, and it is beautiful. Such an icon, an noted as one of the 20th century’s most recognised buildings. I’ve included two shots from the sky, you can see the Opera House in them.

You can see more of my shots of Sydney here and here and here.

Ok, let’s move to our nation’s capital city – Canberra. Canberra is home to Australian National University and it’s at this uni where my next favourite building is. This is the John Curtin School of Medical Research, also called the DNA Helix building. It was designed with the DNA Helix in mind by an Australian architect. You can read more about the work that they do in this building here.


I love the angles in the structure and I love the reflections you can see in the glass panes which are under the roof. The building is very striking and recognisable.

You can see other buildings at this university here.

Lastly, it’s all the way over west to Perth in Western Australia. Perth is a great city, and I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years for work. Around about half of my 2009 was spent in Perth. On a trip last year, I photographed the Council House, which is covered in lights surrounding each window, and there are a LOT of windows! I really love this building, it’s often lit up differently. In the photo with the blue lights, it has actually been lit for Christmas – it would spell out Merry Xmas running across the building and also cycle through Christmas trees made of lights. You can read a little about it and see some more shots of this building here.

Now let’s bear in mind that these are just some of my favourite buildings here in Australia. There are some truly amazing buildings across this great land of ours and I am excited to continue to photograph them as I discover them and rediscover them – especially Melbourne so if any of you Melbourne photographers would like to show us your best buildings, please do!  #3ofthebest

I’d like to invite everyone to share your favourite shots of architecture and buildings. If you do, please link back to this post so we can find them.

x desleyjane


12 thoughts on “3 of the best … Buildings in Australia

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  2. Debbie

    Hi Desley, now I’m finding you here!!! Love these buildings – who doesnt love the Opera House. that dna building ust be the best part of Canberra, and the Perth building is glorious! inspires me to do a three of the best buildings for here – ill see….. great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. badfish

    I’m supposed to be grading papers, I take a break and find you all the way over here!! You’re beginning to DO as much as Lucile, and it’s beginning to bug me…how you DO so much, and continue to DO stuff. And more stuff. And GOOD stuff. I love all the buildings. But the lighting in Perth was my favorite.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desleyjane

      LOL that’s pretty funny. I’ve been “here” since May! Thanks so much that’s lovely of you. That Perth building is awesome. Thanks again. I’m off to DO some more stuff 😉😉


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