The temples of Angkor

Last winter, we travelled to Cambodia and Thailand. The temples of Angkor were a highlight for us and a challenge for my camera, a dear little Olympus.

For with not even three weeks time, we had no choice but to visit the temples on a fully packed two days marathon and in full daylight. There is much more to see than just Angkor Wat; it’s a whole area full of the most amazing temples. Our favourites were Ta Prohm, which was featured in Tomb Raider, Preah Khan and the Bayon.

If taking pictures had been my only goal in going there, we would have had to figure in at least three more days to visit all the main temples in the beautiful morning or afternoon light. I doubt that I would do that if I were to go again – I guess I just prefer to see a lot of places instead. But I would for sure bring a lens hood and a neutral density filter next time – there was far too much light to be creative with aperture and shutter speed.

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