New Year’s Eve in Phnom Penh

We welcomed 2016 in Phnom Penh. Since the Cambodian year starts only in April, we pretty much expected to be the only ones celebrating anything that day – but we were very wrong!

There sure are better locations to visit if a wild party is what you’re after. There was enough entertainment for us though. On top of first class sightseeing on the days before and after, we were treated to fireworks by the river and to seeing the whole town striving to get from A to B, watching live music and having picnic until late in the night. Next time, I’d make sure to bring a blanket and to be ready for all-night picnic too.


The Royal Palace, illuminated, and people getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve


Kids watching the music show put on for New Year’s Eve


Fireworks in Phnom Penh, where the Tonle Sap joins the mighty Mekong. Fun fact: when the snow in the Himalayas melts and the monsoon rains add even more water, the Mekong becomes so mighty that it makes the Tonle Sap change direction.

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