Barranco de Masca

This spring, we went to Tenerife; one of the bigger and more well-known of the Canary Islands. Lots of people go there for sunbathing, we went for hiking. On the first day, we did the hike through the Masca gorge. The hike combines a walk through rocky terrain and nature with the possibility to cool down in the sea.


If you want to do the hike too, there are different ways to approach this. If you are fit enough and bestowed with enough time (around 6 hours or a bit more), you can do the full return trip up and down (or down and up) the gorge. If you were going for that, you would either go to Masca in a rental car, taxi or bus (to go down and up) or start and end your trip with a boat ride from Los Gigantes to the beach. The road to Masca takes many turns and is not an easy drive.

We did just one leg of the hike, and started walking in Masca. Walking down to the beach took us 2 hours and 40 minutes, plus a few breaks. It’s a reat idea to figure in some extra time at the stony beach before taking the boat shuttle back to Los Gigantes. While the sea was too rough for serious swimming, it was warm enough to splah about near the coast.

It is possible but not very convenient to go to Masca by public transport; the bus doesn’t leave very often and it takes quite a while to get there. Instead of going for this cheapest option, we went in a shared taxi. The shop in Los Gigantes which sold us the boat tickets was happy to match us with a few young women from the Netherlands who were going to Masca at around the same time. Since there were five of us in the same taxi, we only paid around five Euros per person for the taxi ride to Masca. (Plus the boat tickets.)


One thought on “Barranco de Masca

  1. badfish

    looks like a good spot to hang out in for a while…did the dog eat the banana? Nice photos.
    Did you change your theme? I like the way it’s laid out. What theme is it?


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