We are not very athletic. We are not very wise. We do not speak all the languages of the world. We are not the most courageous. We are scared of heights and spiders. We have serious jobs. And yet we travel. We love to see new places. We love to meet new friends. We love nature. And we’d love to inspire you – for your next travel adventure or for your next daydream.

But who are we?

me I am the one who always plans and writes, the Cappuccino drinker, with too many opinions about food and scared of spiders. I got the travel bug on a trip to Malawi which the younger I proposed to impress the new boyfriend who had already seen much more of the world than I had. And the picture? That’s near Kathmandu.


youMr. Colors is the one whom I wanted to impress back then with that trip to Malawi, the one who is not afraid to speak in any mixture of languages, the one who always drinks Cafe Latte but thinks he doesn’t have a preference. The one who never leaves a museum before he has read everything and who constantly challenges his fear of heights and flying. On the picture, he is on the way to the Annapurna Base Camp, the destination of our first multi-day trek.

And the name of the blog?

In the neverending story, trees of all colors fill the night forest Perelin. Every day with the first morning light, they turn into sand and the forest transforms into a colorful desert. We write this blog to celebrate that our world is equally colorful, dynamic and full of surprises.

Best of perelincolors

Read how I flew to Antarctica or how we communicated with a handwritten sign on our way to the Mekong delta. Let your mind travel to Tibet with us, have a look at my favorite photos or join me in my endeavor to become a better photographer, taking one step each month.

Why don’t you try ..


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  1. jeebling

    Very compelling About page. I especially like the introduction. It was like the Russian nesting dolls, I just had to keep opening, opening, opening…great mover and builder. Cute and sophisticated are difficult to accomplish in one go. Well done! I like how the menus are arranged with the comments and contacts at the bottom and the archives on the side, the gloss side 🙂 The silhouette’s in the pix are charming. It’s like saying, here is a glimpse of us…just the outline. Now you fill in the colors with the stories on the right.

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  2. arunachawla

    I see it’s been done above but I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog as well. You’re free to reject it if you’re not too excited about the idea but I’d recommend you give it a reading on http://wp.me/p56VZt-1c. It was lovely to find you on the Blogging 101 community. Keep sharing!


  3. Oh, the Places We See

    Love this About page — we can identify with a whole lot of your “we’re not about’s . . . ” Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. We, too, hope we inspire you to travel to some of the places we’ve seen and enjoy them as much as we did. Best wishes for lots of great travel and writing!


  4. joannesisco

    I just enjoyed the most wonderful visit through some of your posts and photos on your Flickr page. Wow – that’s all I’ve got! The colours in particular leap out.
    I too find that I’m so much more aware of the news and stories that feature places I’ve been to … even though I knew nothing about them beforehand. It always manages to trigger memories.


  5. lexklein

    Anyone who has a photo of Boudhanath on the front page deserves an instant Follow! And a mention of Tibet … you’ve got me! Going to explore your blog this minute.

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  6. lexklein

    With your established and no doubt well-honored blog, you probably do not want or need any more award nominations! I was pretty excited to get one myself, however, since my blog is still in its infancy, and I listed your blog as one of my favorites as part of my post. Please feel free to ignore the assignment, and just know how much I love your work!


    1. perelincolors

      Thank you so much! We are always, always happy to receive an award, and even more from someone with a blog as nice as yours! (I am reading about your hike on Iceland just now!) If I don’t get around to honor the rules of the award, it is for a very simple and stupid reason – I am too shy to nominate others.


  7. Finding My Inner Zen

    I absolutely adore your About blurb. It’s so well written and intriguing – you (both of you?) have a flair for writing.

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  8. desleyjane

    So, I thought I’d already commented on your About page, but then I realised that I got sidetracked clicking around the blog! It’s a very cool page, I like that you link your two descriptions through a common event “trying to impress” 🙂
    I’ve been meaning to ask – what is your header image? I love the colours!


    1. perelincolors

      Thank you for visiting here! You know, Mr. Colors didn’t even know I was really trying to impress him back then before I wrote this page .. The picture in the header is the door of tiny shop in Kathmandu selling beads. I could have walked around there forever, just taking pictures of all the colorful shops and streets.

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  9. intellectualsinprivate

    What a beautiful blog! Am doing the Blogging University of wordpress and trying to socialize with other bloggers out there 🙂 … I really liked the way you see the world and share this with us …


  10. Kan

    Hi there! Thanks for following my blog and leading me to this wonderful space you have here. Looking forward to following your travel adventures 🙂

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